Technical Training Program


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*Boys & Girls must be 7-18 years old to enroll. These are level-based, not age-based classes.

Ballet: Ballet is the foundation of many contemporary styles of dance and a solid foundation in it is essential for a strong dancer. In this class we will master the techniques involved with alignment, correct muscle usage, and execution.

  • Ballet Fundamentals: Fundamental ballet technique and conditioning for proper muscle usage.
  • Ballet 2: Beginner/Intermediate ballet technique.
  • Ballet 3: Intermediate ballet technique. Teacher Approval Required.
  • Ballet 4: Intermediate/Advanced ballet technique. Teacher Approval Required
  • Ballet 5: Advanced ballet technique. Teacher Approval Required
  • Pointe: Pre-Pointe and Pointe technique. Teacher approval required.

Jazz: Jazz is a stylized, upbeat style that has the foundation of ballet with more syncopation and parallel positioning. This class will also introduce musical theatre which incorporates jazz.

  • Jazz 2: Beginner/Intermediate jazz technique.
  • Jazz 3: Intermediate/Advanced jazz technique. Teacher Approval Required.
  • Contemporary: In this style we study modern dance techniques including methods from Graham, Horton, Cunningham, Limon, etc. We will learn the value of transitions and grounding through the floor. We will find the harmony between modern and ballet.

  • Contemporary: Intermediate contemporary technique. Teacher Approval Required.

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    Pricing – Monthly Tuition:

    1 hr/week- $65 2.75 hr/week- $165
    1.25 hr/week- $75 3 hr/week- $175
    1.5 hr/week- $90 3.25 hr/week- $190
    1.75 hr/week- $105 3.5 hr/week- $205
    2 hr/week- $120 3.75 hr/week- $220
    2.25 hr/week- $135 4 hr/week- $235
    2.5 hr/week- $150 Unlimited- $250