Technical Training Program


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*Boys & Girls must be 7-18 years old to enroll. These are level-based, not age-based classes.

Ballet: Ballet is the foundation of all contemporary dances and a solid foundation in it is essential for a strong dancer. In this class we will master the techniques involved with alignment, correct muscle usage, and execution. Duration: Level 1: 60 mins (once per week), Levels 2 & 3: 60 mins (twice per week), Pointe: 45 mins (once per week) *must be at least 12 years old, teacher approved, and concurrently enrolled in ballet 3.

Jazz and Lyrical: Jazz is a stylized, upbeat style that has the foundation of ballet with more syncopation and parallel positioning. Lyrical is a branch off of Jazz with a focus on storyline and emotion of the music. Movement is typically more sustained and soft in dynamic. This class will focus on the techniques of the style. Duration: Levels 1&2: 60 mins

Modern (must be 12-18 years old): Modern is a free, expressive form of dance developed in the early-19th century in response to Classical ballet. Despite the lack of boundaries, there are distinct techniques involved. We will learn how to initiate movement using the core, find ways to maintain our center, and work dynamics and transitions. Ballet is a good prerequisite for success in this class. Duration: Levels 1 & 2: 60 mins

Modern Fundamentals* (must be 11-18 years old): We will take more of a classroom approach to this class. We will learn about dance history, anatomy and physiology of a dancer, improvisation, and choreography. In this class we will work as a class to choreograph our own dance to perform in the Spring Recital. Some out of class assignments will be given. Duration: 60 mins

*Must have concurrent or previous enrollment in modern dance at Alta Dance Academy

*All classes highlighted red will participate in the Spring Showcase (late May, early June Date TBD). Spring Recital Fee is $150 (due by Dec 15th) and includes two costumes and two tickets to the recital. Participation is required.

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Pricing – Monthly Tuition:

1 hr/week- $60 2.75 hr/week- $145
1.25 hr/week- $73 3 hr/week- $156
1.5 hr/week- $86 3.25 hr/week- $165
1.75 hr/week- $99 3.5 hr/week- $174
2 hr/week- $112 3.75 hr/week- $183
2.25 hr/week- $123 4 hr/week- $192
2.5 hr/week- $134 Unlimited- $220